1. Most frequent operations

  • Total hip endoprosthesis (TEP)
  • Total knee endoprosthesis (TEP)
  • Total shoulder endoprosthesis (TEP)
  • Deformities
  • Spinal surgery
— Intervertebral disease
— Stabilisation
— Vertebroplasty
  • Operations for sports injuries
— Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
— Shoulder rotator cuff
— Shoulder stabilisation
— Cartilage reconstruction

2. What sort of health care am I interested in?

  • Diagnosis
  • Consultation by email
  • Examination by a doctor
  • Commentary and consultation on MRIs and X-rays


  • Operations
  • Knee (TEP)
  • Hip (TEP)
  • Shoulder (TEP)
  • Other orthopaedic operations

3. Supplementary services

  • Transport from the airport and back (Schwechat 30 min. from Bratislava)
  • Pick-up at the airport
  • Wi-Fi
  • Booking of accommodation/hotel
  • Medical consultation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Selection of a replacement joint in line with the patient’s condition and wishes
  • MRI commentary
  • Other

4. Basic information on the patient

  1. General questionnaire: name, age and sex
  2. Comprehensive health questionnaire
  3. Illness that you want to have treated + MRI, X-ray, CT in attachments
  4. The questionnaire complies with the GDPR
  5. Pre-operation examination


After reviewing your questionnaires and other documentation that you send us, our doctor will prepare a price quotation based on your condition and requirements

5. Terms of payment

  • After agreeing the payment conditions, you pay a non-refundable deposit equal to 15% of the price of the operation. The deposit will be deducted from the price of the operation.
  • The 15% deposit is used to cover costs such as communication with the patient, administrative work, booking, pre-ordering and the like)
  • You will pay the rest of the cost of the operation at our hospital before the operation

6. Final step

  • On receiving the deposit, we will agree a date for the operation in line with your requirements
  • the date of the operation is fixed, but can be rescheduled if necessary due to objective health factors
  • organisation and preparation for the operation
  • organisation of your arrival at the hospital

Frequently asked questions

The price of the operation includes an examination by our operating surgeon and the first consultation

Pre-operation checks, the operation and post-operation hospital care

By agreement, we can arrange for collection of the client, transport from the airport to the clinic and back, accommodation/hotels for relatives (not included in the price of the operation; see the services section for more information)

Hospitalisation in the rehabilitation unit is possible for an additional charge

Please consult your insurance company. Every insurance company has different conditions for insured persons in a given country. Ask your insurance company for information on possibilities for reimbursement
You fly in on Sunday and check into a hotel (it is also possible to stay in our rehabilitation unit)
on Monday morning you will be examined by the doctor and pre-operation checks will be carried out
on Tuesday the operation will take place and you will then be transferred to the intensive care unit
on Wednesday there will be care in the intensive care unit and post-operation hospitalisation
on Thursday and Friday you will be treated in the orthopaedic unit
on Friday you can transfer to the rehabilitation unit in our hospital (for an additional fee – a stay of 10 days or more is recommended)
stitches are removed after 14 days
on Monday you are can go home and you will receive your discharge report and a certificate that you have had a total endoprosthesis operation, which you may be asked to present at the airport
Operations on joints are conducted under partial or general anaesthesia depending on the patient’s condition and the type of operation. You will be informed about this at consultation before the operation, where there will be the operating surgeon and the anaesthesiologist. Simpler operations are conducted with local anaesthesia and more complex ones with general anaesthesia. The operating surgeon and the anaesthesiologist will always explain the procedure to the patient before the operation.
This depends on the specific operation carried out and its location. It is possible to make some general distinctions between larger and smaller scars. Arthroscopy of the knee, hip or shoulder leaves two small punctures on the sides. Total endoprosthesis causes more extensive scarring on the front in the case of the knee or shoulder, and on the side in the case of the hip.
Arthroscopy takes about 30 minutes for the knee and about one hour for the shoulder.


Total endoprosthesis takes around an hour and a half.

An operation on the spine takes around an hour and a half.

Other operations take around an hour.

Providing an orthopaedist and anaesthesiologist, specialist staff, the most modern equipment and medication. We recommend the fastest possible transfer to our Rehabilitation Department.
We need the patient to fill out the questionnaire in the “patient steps” section of our website and attach a medical report and CT, MRI and x-ray scans.
Yes, after sending all the necessary documents, we will give a quotation for the operation.

No, multiple visits are not required.

Guarantees do not exist in medicine. Operations have a lot of variables, but if you strictly abide by all the conditions, a follow-up operation is free up to 6 months and has a discount up to 2 years, though follow-up operations tend to be significantly more expensive. We recommend that you transfer to our rehabilitation unit immediately after the operation so that we can handle the next steps. Correct, targeted rehabilitation is half the battle won.
Be sure to contact our specialist by e-mail and they will answer any questions that you have and try to resolve the problem that has arisen.
Yes, we offer this service if agreed in advance by e-mail. Nevertheless, we recommend that you stay in our accommodation in the hospital and the rehabilitation unit to avoid complications in transit.
We provide documentation for your insurance company as a matter of course. Every insurance company has its own forms and we will certify them if you or your insurance company request it. Our standard procedure is to issue documents in English, but we can provide them in other languages on request. This service is subject to an additional charge, however.