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When coming for an examination, please bring: All your x-ray images (and results from other supplementary examinations such as CT or MR, if available) Current x-ray images of the problem area from two angles Results of examinations by other specialists, if you have had previous treatment for orthopaedic problems Insurance card Foreign clients must [...]

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Hospital stays Hospitalisation means a stay of several days in our hospital during which the patient receives continuous treatment: rehabilitation, orthopaedic treatment or an operation. For back pain, we provide inpatient care with infusion therapy, diagnostics, MRI scanning and controlled local injections. Another common reason for hospitalisation is to improve mobility in the [...]

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Besides the standard medical procedures, we offer local injection therapy under x-ray guidance for nerve roots and hard-to-access joints. We treat inflammation and damaged joints using blood plasma and blood derivatives as well as local injections of anti-inflammatories and intra-joint nutrients. We use the most modern orthoses for each joint. Shockwave therapy This [...]

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Knee – diagnosis, operation, treatment

Knee – diagnosis, operation, treatment Stop pain in your knee joint. Restore the damaged joint, get rid of endless pain and take pleasure from movement again. Pain can reduce your mobility, cause stiffness and eventually make you immobile. Don’t forget that if you do not treat pain caused by inflammation, you can end up [...]

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Elbow – diagnosis, operation, treatment

Do you feel pain in your elbow whenever you bend your arm? Are you troubled by pain or a loss of mobility in your elbow? You are probably suffering from repetitive strain injury to the muscles in your shoulder and forearm. Don’t waste your money on ointments, gels and painkillers. Replacing medications for effective [...]

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Feet – diagnosis, operation, treatment

Give your feet a second chance – get rid of their pain and restore their proper shape. If treatment by exercise, inserts and ointments fails and you continue to feel pain and discomfort in your shoes or your feet are not aesthetically pleasing, we can give them a second chance. Toe deformities can be [...]

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Hands – diagnosis, operation, treatment

Do your fingers hurt and has a neurologist told you that you have nerve compression syndrome in your wrist or carpal tunnel syndrome? Keep your life simple and visit our clinic, where we can relieve your condition with a small incision under local anaesthetic, and you will only have to stay with us for [...]

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Spine – diagnosis, operation, treatment

Spinal pain won’t go away? If rehabilitation or injection treatment have not succeeded, try targeted therapy right at the source of the problem. If you want to avoid an operation and medicines and exercises don’t seem to cause any improvement, let our spine specialist examine it. After assessment, you will receive our highly successful [...]

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